Folgaria in the summer

Green is the dominant colour of summer in Folgaria, of the woods and pastures that serve as background to your holiday. The main village of the area, with a long central street animated with shops, restaurants and bars. But it is also the starting point for 52 route walks of varying length and a trekking  that crosses the line of the Austro-Hungarian forts (the marvellous Geschwent-Belvedere fortress, the only historical museum of the Great War having remained intact). There are special mountain biking courses on three rings for over 100 km; each year Folgaria hosts several international races. Further to that the ease of access to designated paths for the Nordic Walking Park and the proximity to the 18-hole golf course. 
So much sport, coveted retreat destination for basketball and important football teams, it is a perfect place for families and children, with specially designed educational and recreational activities, shows, folklore, culinary appointments and high-level events to meet broad interests.